Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fight Frustration

Sometimes I get a little. . .frustrated. Ok, a lot frustrated. Traffic jams, cancelled visits, or a to-do list a LOT longer than my day can ruin my day. Seeing all the things I want to do, accomplish and enjoy stifled by mundane problems really makes me grit my teeth and clench my fists. 

Unfortunately, it's hard to have much “cred” as a natural health practitioner if your expression looks like a mug shot from aggravation at life.

Herbs and Food for PMS Due to Cold or Yang Deficiency

This time of year I recommend a lot of "warming" herbs and foods--things that help your body battle cold. One problem we don’t think of as being aggravated by cold is PMS.  

Excess cold (when your body is exposed to too much cold from climate or food), and Yang Deficiency (when your body does not warm itself well) can affect your menstrual cycle. Excess cold causes symptoms such as severe cramping, dark blood, headaches, achiness, and contributes to cysts and indigestion. Deficient yang causes dull aching cramps, extreme fatigue, bloating and can cause excessive bleeding.  Both can make you more tearful.

Both also usually respond well to treatment. Here are great ways to improve PMS related to cold, whether it's deficient or excess:

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Winter 2012 Newsletter

Editor’s Corner

Acupuncture Happy Hour
Starting January 30, I will be offering Acupuncture Happy Hour every Tuesday night from 4-6:30pm.  Please call to make an appointment.  Acupuncture Happy Hour is a quick ear acupuncture session, done right in the waiting room. 

It takes about 20 minutes, costs $20/session, and is great for stress relief.  You will also get a coupon good for $20 off a regular acupuncture session with your first ear acupuncture session. 

If you have a specific health condition you want treated, you will need a regular acupuncture visit, but the ear acupuncture can introduce you to acupuncture, help you feel relaxed, and can usually minimize pain.