Teresa Y Green

Welcome to the my main page. I am an acupuncturist, natural health aficionado, positive thinker, entrepreneur, and writer. One these pages you'll find information on health, wellness, being your best self, and tools for running a business. I've been walking this path in one way or the other all my life, and I'm still learning.

If you want to live a sensible life in harmony with your environment; if you believe the best way to live is to look on the bright side and use the advantages positivity brings; if you are looking for encouragement as you become the person you are meant to be; or if you are a solopreneur looking for useful tips and tools to run your business, I am here to help.

Green AcuClinic Practice Page: This is the place to find information on my acupuncture practice--how I can help, what I do, clinic hours, prices, and news. Check out the Green AcuClinic Wellness Blog, too.

What's Teresa Cookin'?: I am a lazy home cook. But I also am passionate about natural health. Here's what happens when I try to be lazy and natural at the same time.

Life Facilitator Blog: All my helpful life hints that are not herb or acupuncture related are here, as well posts I hope will encourage you in your own Lifewalk. Please visit and share your ideas about having the best life possible. The entrepreneur tips are here as well. 

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